What Is Pinterest & How It Works

A few times ago I do not know what is Pinterest & how it works, I am a Facebook user and live my social media life on it for a long time. Facebook connected me to my friends, families, and all the hot current affairs running in the world. Then I knew that a lot of my friends and family members are using Pinterest. I started a search that actually what Pinterest is, its purpose, and basically how it works.

After some research, I know that Pinterest is one of the largest social media sites people use. Further, when I searched for what is Pinterest, I come to know about its amazing features & its friendly use, and how it works easily. Pinterest is a social media site where you can share your thoughts, your creativity, and whatever you want to share with your friends and people.

Pinterest offers you to share your pictures, videos, or stories absolutely free. It is not just about sharing your thoughts but here you can see what others share like someone sharing a recipe of delicious food or sharing his home’s decorations. Hence in the answer of what is Pinterest & how it works you can say that it is as same as other social media sites.

What is Pinterest-similarity

How Pinterest Works

Basically, Pinterest is a visual engine for the discovery of home styles, food recipes, other living styles, and a lot more. You can get inspiration or spark in your work by watching these pins on Pinterest which are shared by a billions of people across the world. I bet when someone really knows about what is Pinterest & how it works then he/she will addicted to it.

At first look at the Pinterest home page, you will get confused that what is Pinterest & how it will work. I also got confused when I open Pinterest first time. Pinterest is an image collection that is a little bit confusing for beginners. But it is just a first expression because when you get on Pinterest all confusion got disappears and you will just love Pins on Pinterest.

Here is a simple and short guide for beginners who want to know how Pinterest work:

How To Use Pinterest?

Signup To Pinterest

    First of all, you have to create a Pinterest account so go to the Pinterest website or mobile application.
    On the first page at the upper right corner, you can see a sign-up button, select it
What is Pinterest- signup
    A Pinterest welcome pop-up will open where u will ask about your email id and your age. Here you must give asked information, or you can sign up with a google account or Facebook account.
What is Pinterest-signup options
    After this Pinterest will ask you some ordinary questions like your gender.
What is Pinterest-Gender
    Then Pinterest will ask about your language
What is Pinterest-Language
    And at the end, Pinterest will ask about your area of interest. Interests can be changed or increased after.
What is Pinterest-Area of interest

Home Feed And Pins

    Now Pinterest builds your first feed page according to your interests. Now you are seeing some images on the home page, these images are called Pins.
What is Pinterest-1st feed page
    To know more about a pin like who uploaded this and the comments of other people on that pin, click on that pin. Here you can see the uploader and comments, you also can give comments on that pin. Moreover, if you like the pin and want to see other pins of this uploader then you can follow him by selecting follow button.
    Now if you want to save this pin then you must select the save button which you can see upper right side of the screen. The pin will be saved in a built-in board named as Profile. If you want to save the pin on another board then you can create a new board as well.
What is Pinterest-Uploader info and save pin
    Basically, the board is a categorized folder where your pins are saved. Give a name to your board and press create. Next time when you want to save a pin Pinterest will ask you to save a new pin in created board or if you want to create a new one.

Some Main Buttons And Their Functions

    In the upper left corner there are two buttons: Home and create
    At any time, you can select the Home button which climbs you to the Pinterest home page. Your Pinterest home feed page is continuously updating according to the pins you liked and following.
    In the second tab create: You will see two options in it i.e. create an idea pin and create a pin. In creating a Pin you can create pin as a one picture or video. But in creating an idea pin you can create a pin as a story in which you can add up to 20 pictures and also you can add your own voice over these pictures to elaborate your idea.
What is Pinterest-Main buttons and their fuction
    And the most important tab of Pinterest is the search bar. The search bar is used to discover innovative ideas, pins, and friends to follow them. In the latest update of the Pinterest mobile app, Pinterest gives an amazing feature as a visual search.

What Is Pinterest Visual Search Tool?

Visual search in Pinterest is an amazing feature by which you can search and discover innovative ideas by taking pictures of objects instead of writing. Sometimes our mind is so blind that we have no idea to speak or write about a thing, but we can see them with our eyes. So now Pinterest launch this feature by which you can discover things by taking pictures.

This is just a small introduction and working of Pinterest visual search tool, complete introduction and working you can read in my next article.

    To use this feature, go to the search bar of Pinterest and tap on camera.
    Focus on the object or pinch-zoom to a specific object.
    Take a picture by tapping the camera button.
    Or you can load pictures from your phone gallery.
    Select or snap pictures and discover innovative ideas.
What is Pinterest-Visual search

Business On Pinterest

Pinterest gives you an environment to grow your business. As the world is moving towards digital marketing. Now people prefer to buy things on the internet rather than to go shopping malls. Time is passing extremely fast, so people don’t want to lose their time by going to shopping malls, so Pinterest gives an environment of digital marketing. Where you can sell your products by making pins.

Actually, the Pinterest business is not just for sellers, but it is equally helpful for buyers. As I do not want to go out for shopping, I am spending my time on Pinterest and meanwhile, I saw a home decoration piece for which I have to go out. But after seeing the same thing on Pinterest I bought this thing online. Hence Pinterest is equally beneficial for both sellers and buyers.

As a seller, if u want to sell your ideas on Pinterest you just have to make a Pinterest business account. Which is quite easy to create. After creating your Pinterest business account, you can sell your ideas on Pinterest. This is just a small introduction and working of Business on Pinterest, complete introduction and working you can read in my next article.

Some Basic Features Of Pinterest

    A great social media site
    You can follow your friends
    Easy search by using the visual search feature
    You can grow your business
    You can do online shopping
    Save your favorite pins on categorized boards
    Discover a lot of things according to your interest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pinterest is a social networking site where you can find ideas and inspiration according to your interest and hobbies. Like if you want to find a delicious food recipe or a decent home decoration idea then Pinterest is a great platform to discover your ideas. Moreover, you can chitchat with your friends and send them pins. Every image on Pinterest is called a pin.

Yes, Pinterest is absolutely free where you just need a registration Email ID, or you can use Pinterest by signing up with your Google or Facebook account. You can use Pinterest’s website or its mobile application.

Yes, you can post anything as a pin from your mobile phone or you can post a pin from an internet site. But you have to keep in mind that the stuff you are uploading is not about hating or harassment manner. You just need to have complete knowledge about your images like their title and description text which you will write about it.

 Pinterest is popular for its uniqueness. Like you can give any idea with the help of an image called a pin. And the more important thing is that all pins are arranged as categorized.


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