Pinterest Vs Instagram: Which Is Better?

Nowadays most business companies or moving towards social media sites to promote their business. Pinterest and Instagram are the two main social sites that attract those companies. And this thing arises the debate between Pinterest Vs Instagram. Pinterest Vs Instagram is the focus of people’s attention these days.

As both of these social sites are using at a large scale for visual communication. Instagram may be mostly use to share your own posts or pictures, while Pinterest is mostly use to advertise somebody else’s. However, it is very hard to compare Pinterest Vs Instagram.

But there are some key points that differentiate Pinterest and Instagram. On behalf of these points, you can compare Pinterest Vs Instagram. Like Pinterest is mostly used for discovering ideas and content whereas Instagram is mostly used for sharing pictures.

In this article, we will compare both sites on behalf of the various parameters. Which might be very helpful to you in choosing which is best for your business.

First, we take a general look at these sites’ fundamental purposes.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest launched in 2010 by a US company. Earlier Pinterest was only signed up by invitation of the current user. But as time passes Pinterest gets a large number of users and now Pinterest offers multiple options for signing up.

Pinterest is using for discovering ideas and content for getting a spark in your life. You can follow people, and give like and comments on their pins. You can save their pins in your boards. Boards are basically categories and you find all content on Pinterest in the form of boards which makes differ Pinterest from other social media sites.

You can find and share your own ideas about your daily life. Like cocking recipes, home decorations, technologies, clothing fashion, and much more.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram also launched in 2010 for just the fun purpose to capture moments and share them with others. In the early Instagram is only use to share pictures. But Instagram spread like a bomb in the social media world. No matter from which field you belong; Photographer, Engineer, Doctor, Musician, or Celebrity, everyone is on Instagram now.

Earlier you can post just pictures on Instagram but now Instagram offers you to post videos, Gifs, or stories also. You can follow your friends, like their posts, and comment on them.

Now we will compare Pinterest and Instagram on some basic parameters

1. Main Purpose Of Using Pinterest And Instagram

As early it is discussed that Instagram is more about sharing and promoting content. While Pinterest is more about discovering and distributing content.

When you are using Pinterest, you are looking for something new with a creative idea. Like if you are seeing a Pin about food then you must want to know its recipe. This is exactly what Pinterest offers, whatever you will find or see on Pinterest it must have a complete description about it.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Pin On Pinterest

On the other hand, Instagram is just about sharing pictures no matter they have a complete description or not. Like if you want to share your dinner picture on Instagram you don’t need to write about its recipe or making steps of this dinner.

You can save your posts on Boards on Pinterest. Each Pin will save in its categorized Board. While on Instagram there are no such categories. So you must have a strong vocabulary of keywords to find something on Pinterest.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Instagram Post

2. Pinterest Vs Instagram User Comparison

Let me ask something, where do you want to go for business? Definitely, you will go to the side where your product seekers are more. So before choosing your business platform between Pinterest and Instagram have a look at their users.

Pinterest have about over 430 million active users now in 2022. Most of the users of Pinterest are female i.e., Pinterest has over 75% female while only about 15% male users. And most of the users of Pinterest are between 29-45 years old. Most Pinterest users belong to the US.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Pinterest User Demographic

So you must go to Pinterest if your product is mostly liked by females over 30 years old then.

On the other, hand Instagram has vast belonging users. In 2022 now Instagram have about over 1.4 billion active users. Instagram has about 49% female users but keeps in mind this is 49% of 1.4 billion as compared to Pinterest which is 75% of 430 million. Most of the users of Instagram are 18 to 34 years old.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Instagram User Demographic

Hence if your product is for youngsters then you definitely go to Instagram.

3. Link Sharing Feature Of Pinterest And Instagram

Instagram is the only site that does not allow the user to share links directly. But Instagram allows you to share a link in your profile Bio. To share a link in a specific post then you must have to share the link through a paid ad campaign.

On the other hand, you can directly share any link to your post. That is why Pinterest is one hand next to Instagram in user trafficking. Due to link sharing, most of the Pins are directly attached to the original sites. This thing is much helpful for eCommerce store owners and bloggers.

4. Lens Search

In latest update of Pinterest, Pinterest launched a lens search in their mobile application. Pinterest allows its users to search for anything by using camera. This thing actually not getting you to the product site but it might be very helpful for you to find a product whose name you don’t know. But you can see that product and Pinterest will show you similar boards of your search.

What is Pinterest-Visual search

Instagram does yet not have this type of feature.

5. Categories Algorithm

Pinterest categorized posts on basis of boards. When you search for something on Pinterest it shows you some related boards title that helps you to reach your desired search. The use of hashtags in Pin’s description does not make any specific difference because its algorithm works on boards.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Pinterest Board Suggestion

And if we talk about Instagram then Instagram uses hashtags to make categorize.  Each hashtag has its own category. This thing is very helpful for you if you are promoting a brand. Like if you have a clothing brand then you can use your brand name in a hashtag, this will helpful for you to separate your brand from other clothing promotions.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Instagram Hashtags

6. Shopping Feature on Pinterest And Instagram

As in Pinterest, a brief description of products is given in each Pin’s description. So you can see the product’s price just beneath the image of the product which is very helpful for the buyers. Another advantage of Pinterest is the direct sharing of site links in any post which can bring massive traffic to your Pin.

The Pinterest lens search feature is also a very helpful tool for shopping on Pinterest. With a Pinterest lens, you can search easily on Pinterest by taking pictures of products.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Pinterest Shopping

Now if we talk about Instagram, then Instagram allows its users to give prices of products in tags.  The major eCommerce sites like Shopify, Squarespace, and eWorldTrade have built their native integration with Instagram. Now they are allowing their users to get connected directly to their eCommerce inventory to their Instagram profiles.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Instagram Price Tags

Now Instagram allows their users to post their products in stories. This feature getting too many likes from users as one-third of business accounts are using this feature.

Another magnificent feature introduced by Instagram is the Shop button on the home page of the application. All the products are going to be on this button and users can shop here like they are shopping in a shopping mall.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Instagram Shop Button

7. Pinterest Vs Instagram Product Content And Type

In eCommerce, if you want to grow high and high then you should win the hearts of your users. Instagram gives a variety of posts, Reels, Stories, and Videos now what you to do. You have to approach all of these varieties.

Instagram mostly likes long and brief captions. Another thing observed on Instagram is that posts with human faces comparatively get more attraction. And the last thing is, pictures with a single dominant color are more likely to get attraction on Instagram.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Instagram Content Type

Now if we come to Pinterest then Pinterest focuses on boards. So you have to create posts on the basis of creatively themed boards. As the visuals are the center of attention on Pinterest so make sure to create as beautiful as possible your post which attracts your user.

Compared to Instagram Pinterest Likes pictures without human faces. And it is observes that pictures with vibrant and various dominant colors are three times more rePin than others.

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Pinterest Content Type

Pinterest Vs Instagram Conclusion

We see a huge battle of Pinterest Vs Instagram in the above article. Both Sites have mind-blowing features and fan following. Both have many capabilities to give huge rise to your business.

Still, if you are confuse to choose one of them then ask some questions to yourself. Like which type of your product you are selling, your product’s users’ native and age, and what type of content you have in your mind. I am sure you will definitely get your answer by reading the above article.

As mentioned both sites have equal capabilities so if you can handle then you must go to both of the sites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Pinterest might be a little ahead of Instagram if you need traffic. It is because Pinterest allows its users to share external links direct on posts while Instagram does not.

Yes, as Pinterest has about 430 million active users. As per Statista’s report with compared to the 4th quarter of 2021 the number of users declined a little in the 1st quarter of 2022. But current users have also an impact.

According to a survey, most people use Pinterest to get a spark in their life by getting new ideas. And some people said when they want to start a new project then they use Pinterest to get ideas.

Sharing pictures and videos of your life moment with your friends and family is the primary purpose of Instagram. But now Instagram is emerging in the eCommerce world.


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