How To Use Pinterest Visual Search Tool-Simple Guide

If we go back some years, we need words to find anything. And sometimes it was very irritating when we didn’t have words to search out. Then Pinterest comes to a step forward and introduces an astounding visual search tool called Pinterest Lens. So, now if you don’t have words to search for something then don’t worry, the Pinterest Visual search tool will help you.

If you have a business account and want to create a new Pin for your Product. And as you are not the only one who sells that product. So to look better and different from your competitor you have to upload a different and better image than your competitor. In this regard, the Pinterest Visual search tool comes into your service and shows you the images your competitors are using.

Similarly, the Pinterest visual search tool will help you to buy something that you are seeing in a Pin. By zooming in or focusing on your required thing in a Pin, Pinterest Lens will show similar products.

We go through some mind-blowing features of the Pinterest visual search tool. Now come we briefly see how they work.

What Is Pinterest Visual Search Tool

Pinterest is mostly used to get ideas for real-life happenings. And a lot of times people use Pinterest to get inspiration. Usually, we see an attractive thing and we want to know more about it. Then suddenly our vocabulary comes between us and our mind and we are wordless to search. At that time Pinterest visual search comes to overcome our vocabulary.

How To Use Pinterest Visual Search Tool

To use this enchanting tool Login to your Pinterest account. Go to the search bar and you will see a camera button in the right corner of the search bar. By clicking it the camera will open, focusing on that thing which you want to browse.

In another case, you are seeing a view and you want to browse it but you don’t have an internet connection. Don’t worry just click that view with your mobile camera and save it on your mobile phone. When you will get an internet connection, same like above go to the Pinterest search bar and click the camera button here you can upload pictures from your mobile gallery.

Pinterest Visual Search Tool Camera Button

Pinterest’s visual search tool also helps you in online shopping. Such as you are in your friend’s house and a ceiling lamp is attractive to you. Simply open your Pinterest account and go to its lens search and focus on the ceiling lamp. Pinterest will show you the most similar lamps to it and here if someone pinned it as a product then you can buy it.

What is Pinterest-Visual search

How Pinterest Visual Search Tool Can Helpful For Business Account

If you are a businessman and want to grow your business in the digital marketing world. Then in this regard, Pinterest’s visual search tool is mighty helpful for you. And now the question will rise how?

In digital marketing, it is a myth that what appears good is selling more. You noticed that most of the sites are using the same image of a product. So to grow up more than these sites you have to choose an image of your product better than these sites.

For choosing a different image of your product goes to Pinterest’s search bar. Here you can see a camera image in the right corner of the search bar. Click it and a camera will open, taking a random image of your product. Pinterest will show you similar products which are selling in the digital market.

Pinterest Visual Search Tool-Product Picture Suggestion

Here you can see your competitors and make your product’s appearance better than theirs.

How Pinterest Visual Search Tool Can Help In Online Shopping

Take an example to elaborate this section that how Pinterest’s visual search tool is helpful in online shopping. For example, you are seeing Pins about backyard decoration ideas. In a Pin, a decoration piece is very attractive for you but you do not know its name.

Pinterest Visual Search Tool-Icon

The here Pinterest lens will help you. You can see a search icon in the right bottom corner of that Pin. By clicking it a Drag and zoomable layer will open on that Pin. Drag it to a decoration piece in which you are interested and Pinterest will show you the Pins specifically about that decoration piece.

Pinterest Visual Search Tool-Decoration Piece

Now back a step now you want to know more about chairs, drag on chairs. Now you can see similar chairs here you can see all about them. Moreover, if you want to buy them simply click on the site link that sells them.

Pinterest Visual Search Tool-Online Shopping Chair

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Pinterest has a remarkable visual search tool. Which is available in all Pins and it is located at the right bottom corner of each Pin

Simply go to the search bar of Pinterest, and here you will camera button. By clicking it you can take a picture of whom you want to learn or can upload an already existing picture in your mobile’s gallery.

In another way, you want to discover something in a Pin. You can see a search icon at the right bottom corner of the Pin. By clicking it a zoom & drag-able frame will open. Drag it to that thing in the picture which you want to discover. Pinterest will show you all about that thing.

In both ways, you can also buy that thing by clicking on the given site link in that Pin.

It is a feature of Pinterest also called the Pinterest lens. It helps you to discover things through pictures rather than words. Or you can search for something in a picture. Like you are seeing a room decoration Pin in which you want to discover a showpiece.

The Pinterest visual search tool will help you to discover that showpiece.

Not at all, Pinterest will never want to provoke its users. Pinterest’s visual search tool is one of the most used tools in visual search.


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