How To Upload Video On Pinterest – An Ultimate Solution

If you are a beginner on Pinterest, it must be one of your questions that how to upload video on Pinterest. Not just beginners but also some old users of Pinterest is asking how to upload video on Pinterest.

Pinterest was the top social media site in visual searching. But in this new era, just image posting is not enough to catch the attention of users to your post. As other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram allow their users to upload videos. Hence the question of how to upload video on Pinterest is rising frequently.

So, Pinterest came forward to compete with other social sites and answer how people can upload videos on Pinterest. In this regard, Pinterest updates its algorithm and introduces video uploading in Pins. Now people can upload video on Pinterest just similar to uploading pictures. But the question is how? Come I’ll tell you how you can upload video on Pinterest.

Basic Prerequisite For Uploading Video On Pinterest

A lot of rumors are if you are unable to upload video on Pinterest then convert your personal account to a Business account. But in some cases, it is no longer workable. Because it is not a solution to fix the problem. Look at the image below I have a business account but still, I just can upload pictures on Pinterest, not videos.

Upload Video On Pinterest-Before changing Country

Actually, the main reason is that Pinterest’s all features are not working in all countries. At this point, another rumor rises that to get all features of Pinterest use VPN. But believe me, this is not the solution.

To use all features of Pinterest, first create a business account or convert your personal account to a business account. Then click the drop-down arrow in the right upper corner and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Upload Video On Pinterest-Go to account settings

Now go to “Personal Information” and change your “Country/Region” to the country where all features of Pinterest are available. Like (The United States, Canada, or Australia).

Upload Video On Pinterest-Change Country

After saving this setting now check you are able to upload videos on Pinterest.

Upload Video On Pinterest-After changing Country

How To Upload Video On Pinterest A Step By Step Guide

    To upload a video on Pinterest log into your Pinterest business account.
    Click on “Create” in the upper left corner and select “Create pin” or “Create idea pin”.
Upload Video On Pinterest-Select Create or Idea Pin
    Now just like image uploading, drag or upload your video.
    Give a suitable title to your video. Keep in mind that the title of the video is the backbone of your Pin. As the “Title” is the keyword on which basis people will reach your Pin.
    After giving the title to the Pin add a description of the video. The description must be like which elaborates your Pin completely. The first fifty words should eye-catcher as these fifty words are readable without any click on Your Pin’s description. And the last thing is you have just five hundred words to describe your Pin.
    Now give the correct destination link of your video. If you are promoting your business then the destination link is very important. As this link will take the audience to your business’s website.
    At the end now select the time to publish your Pin. Select “Publish immediately” if you want to publish the post immediately or select “Publish at a later date” if you want to publish Pin at a later time.
    After filling, in all options now select “Publish” your Pin.
How to Upload Video On Pinterest

Type Of Content To Upload Videos

After learning how to upload videos on Pinterest now it is time to learn which type of videos you can upload on Pinterest. Or which type of videos are most favorable on Pinterest.

In a search, the fact becomes that videos less than sixty seconds are getting more clicks. The time increasing by a second will result in a decrease in clicks. For example, a video about a food recipe which is less than a minute gets more clicks than a video which is longer than a minute.

You can upload videos about food recipes, home décor, backyard ideas, tour guidelines, or whatever you want to upload. But keep in mind that never upload content about hate, terrorism, or teasing someone. Pinterest never allows this type of content. Moreover, Pinterest will block the account that uploads this kind of stuff.

Specifications of Videos uploading On Pinterest

Now if we talk about the specifications of the video which you want to upload on Pinterest then your video should be

    File type of .mov, .mp4. or .m4v
    Video must be less than 2GB
    Aspect ratio for square video is 1:1 and for vertical video is 2:3, 4:5, or 9:16
    The minimum video resolution is 240P

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There can be two reasons, first, you are not using a Pinterest business account, and second, maybe you are in the Region or Country where all features of Pinterest are not available.

To overcome this problem first convert your personal account into a Business account then go to account settings and change your country to “United States”.

Yes, you can post your own video on Pinterest. But you must have a Pinterest business account and your country settings are set to the country where all features of Pinterest are available. Then you can post any video on Pinterest.

Some recommended formats of videos for Pinterest are the video file must be .mov. .mp4. or .m4v type. Moreover, the video file should not be greater than 2GB. The recommended aspect ratio for square video is 1:1 and for vertical video is 2:3, 4:5, or 9:16. And the last thing is minimum video resolution is 240P.

Yes, videos do well on Pinterest just like images. As Pinterest believes on visuals and videos are the main source of these visuals. It observes that videos less than a minute gives a great impact than longer videos.


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