How To Repin On Pinterest – A Complete Guide to Repining

A Pin is a post on Pinterest that you are uploading something new. But a Repin is that Pin that you upload from someone’s Pinterest account. Here a question arises how can you Repin on Pinterest? And a lot of people are asking that is Repin on Pinterest is legal.

Before learning about Repin on Pinterest first clear your mind that Repining is legal. Moreover, Pinterest likes a Pin which is more times Repin because it helps to check a Pin’s usefulness. Another interesting thing in Ripening is that Pinterest never forgets the creator of a Pin. Because Pinterest sends a notification to the creator of that Pin whenever someone Repinned their Pin.

One more thing about Repining is you can upload image Pins as well as Video Pins while Repin on Pinterest.

How To Repin On Pinterest

As Pinterest gives two platforms to its users as Pinterest Website and the Pinterest Mobile phone application. You can Repin on both platforms with ease. Repining is almost the same on both sides with a little change.

Repin On Pinterest Website

    Log in to your Pinterest account on its webpage.
    Move the cursor on the Pin which you want to Repin and wait for a blink or click on that Pin.
    Now you can see a “Save” button in the upper right corner of the Pin.
    Click the “Save” Button and Select “Board” where you want to Repin.
How To Repin-On Web
    The pin is Repinned on your Pinterest Board!

Repin On Pinterest Mobile Phone Application

    Open Pinterest mobile phone application on your mobile phone.
    Tap on that Pin which You want to Repin.
    Here you will see a “Save” button.
    Tap on the “Save” button and select the “Board” on which you want to Repin that Pin.
How To Repin-On Mobile application
    Your liked Pin is Repinned on your selected Pinterest board!

Which Type Of Content Should Repin

You can Repin any Pin from Pinterest on your board but keep in mind that you just can change the description of the Pin. But the source of the Pin never changed and this helps the Pin creator to gain traffic on its Pin.

If you have a long list of followers on Pinterest then you should Repin a Pin that you think your followers like. And I think you never want to offend your followers.

If you are a businessman and want to promote your account then you should Repin a Pin from an account that has a large number of followers. It helps you in many ways like you can be in eyes of that account and he found you a valuable follower. And in another way you also can get more traffic on your account from that account you are Repining.

Effect Of Repining On Business

If you are posting a Pin about your business and you want to know that is your Pin is liked by your followers or not. It is quite simple, you can check the number of Repins. As Pinterest never forgets the creator of the Pin and Pinterest always sends a notification of every Repin.

More the number of Repins means more likes by the people. Another amazing thing is no matter how many times a Pin is Repin, its source of link never changed. That’s why whenever anyone Repin your Pin more number of people can reach your Business’s site.

Repining tells you which type of Pins are mostly like in people. And you can make an idea by Repining whether your product is useful or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can repeat Pins on Pinterest as many times as you want to repeat. But you cannot change the source of the Pin you just can change the description of that Pin.

Yes, you can Repin your own Pin. Actually, it is very helpful to engage popular a particular Pin among your followers. As many times you Repin your own Pin your followers can see this and like it. It means more number of audience on your account.

Yes, you can Pin the same Pin on multiple boards. But if we say it is important to Pin the same Pin on multiple boards then it will not be wrong. As Pinterest categorized Pins on basis of boards. So should share your Pin on multiple boards to catch all categories of minds.

No, Pinterest’s algorithm is not tracking the screenshots. You can take screenshots without notifying the Pin Creator. You can also download the image instead of taking screenshots. To download an image from Pin click on three dots on Pin and select the download button.

Every Pin has a URL. And at the end of the URL you can see a serial number of digits these digits are called the ID of that Pin. Moreover, every Pin has a unique ID meaning each Pin has its own ID.


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