How To Post On Pinterest: An Easy Guide For Beginners 2023


In this era, Pinterest is one of the most used social media sites. At the end of 2021, it has about 430 Million active users. A large number of people use Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration in their daily life. And want to share their own ideas with people. But they don’t know how to post on Pinterest. In this article, I will guide you on how to post on Pinterest in a simple way.

Pinterest is a social media site that believes in visuals rather than words. Because some time words are not enough to describe your feelings or idea which you want to share with others. In this way, Pinterest is the best platform where you can describe or share your idea and feelings in the form of visuals. But you must know the good tactics of how to post on Pinterest.

Pinterest is not used for just cocking recipes and home decoration ideas. Now in the age of online business Pinterest is used as a handy tool to enhance your business. At the start, you think that it is simple to post some pictures with some description but this is not as simple. If you want to grow your business with it then you must know how to create a good post for Pinterest.

In an online business with Pinterest, your pins must be as much capable which admires your idea as your product.

There are some simple steps that lead you to a good pin creator

Login To Pinterest

First of all, you must have a Pinterest account. To create a Pinterest valid account go to a Pinterest web page or install the Pinterest app. By clicking the signup button you will see a welcome popup where you have three different types of signing-up options. Where You can make a Pinterest ID or you can sign up by Facebook or Google account.

What is Pinterest-signup options

Pinterest Post Creating

After creating an account on your screen you can see a create button at the upper left corner of the page.

When you click create two options will appear, select create a pin from them.

How To Post On Pinterest- Create Pin

Picture Selection

Now select a picture from your mobile or desktop computer or you can add a picture that is already live on the internet.

Make sure the picture you are uploading must have good quality i.e. it must be greater than 780 pixels.

How To Post On Pinterest-Add Image

Also, the image you are uploading must clearly describe itself. Because if you are a seller and you are creating pins for your business then this picture is the backbone of your selling product. And customers will attract to you by seeing this image.

File Location

Now you have to give the file location which leads the customer to your website. Or if you upload an image that is already live on the internet then you have to give the URL of that site from which you are adding the image.

How To Post On Pinterest-Image Destination

Pin Title

Now it’s time to give a suitable title to your pin. The title of the pin is the lead man of your pin because people will find your pin by its title. So the title must be adorable, precise, and clearly describe the pin. You can write the title of the pin by clicking Add your title button.

How To Post On Pinterest-Pin Title

Description of Your Post

Now you have to describe your pin. The description has the information of your pin like you are creating a pin of food recipe then the description will describe the dish which you are cooking. Make sure not to write any irrelevant thing or false information in the description.

How To Post On Pinterest-Pin Description

Board Selection

In the end, you have to choose a board on which you will save your pin. As boards are created on a categorized basis so you must choose the relevant board if you already have a board. And if you do not a relevant board then click on the new board and make a relevant board.

How To Post On Pinterest-Board Selection

Save Pin

Your pin is ready to post now press the save button which you can find in the top right corner of the screen. Now some pop-ups will open simply follow them and your pin will be posted.

How To Post On Pinterest-Save Button

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It is quite easy as you are posting something on Facebook or Instagram. There are two types of content you can create on Pinterest.

If you are posting a formal pin then simply select your image from your gallery and give its location. Give a suitable title and precise description about your pin and at the end choose or create a categorized board and save your pin.

But if you are posting a pin about your business then keep in mind that you have to give your website URL at the file location point. The rest procedure is the same as above.

There is some point by following them your pin could be popular:

    Your picture or video should be capable of describing itself
    Choose a unique and easy-to-find title
    The first 50 words of description must be audience catcher. And description must not be greater than 500 words.
    Create pins on trending topics
    Your pin should be possible to repin

Some simple steps will lead you to pin on Pinterest

    Log in to your Pinterest account on your mobile or desktop computer
    Open the website where you want to pin your image
    Find the Pinterest icon on your browser’s toolbar and click it
    Now select your image
    At the end now select the board where you want to pin and click the save button.

Click on the pin which you want to save. Now at the top right corner, you can see a save button. Click save and now you can see a list of your boards; click on the board where you want to save the pin if you do not have a board then click on create board. Create your board and click save, your favorite pin is saved in the board.



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