How To Create Pinterest Business Account-Easy Beginner’s Guide

Are you one of those people using Pinterest just to plan their vacations or get ideas for home decoration? Are you still not using a Pinterest business account? Do you really don’t know the benefits of a Pinterest Business account? Then come I’ll tell you how to create and use a Pinterest Business account.

Pinterest is one of the best visual search engine trending nowadays. It is observed that about 81% of Pinterest users are female. This large number of female users is very beneficial for digital marketers because most females prefer to shop online. In this way, a Pinterest business account is beneficial to grow your personal brand.

Pinterest gives you three types to create your own business account. You can create a new business account. Or you can convert your personal account into a business account. And or you can create a linked business account.

How To Create A New Business Account

Go to the Pinterest website or mobile application.

In the upper right corner, you can see a sign-up button, click it.

What is Pinterest- signup

By clicking the signup button a pop-up will appear where you can see multiple signing-up options. In these options at the end of the popup, you can see an option by the name Create a free business account, select it.

Pinterest Business Account-Signup

Now Pinterest will ask you some questions like your email, Password, and your age. Give your details and press Create an account.

Pinterest Business Account-Email & Password

By clicking on “Create account” now Pinterest will ask you some general questions step by step about your business. Don’t worry these are just simple questions. Follow these steps and answer all these questions.

Like first Pinterest will ask for your Brand or Business name and do you have a website for your business. If your is yes then write your website link, give your area name or country, tell about your language, and press next.

Pinterest Business Account-Brand Name & Website

In the next step, Pinterest will ask you to describe your Business. What is the focus of your brand, is it about Food, Fashion, Education, etc? And what are your goals to introduce your business, Simply select a minimum of three options from the given drop-down menu. Don’t hesitate to select these options because you can change them at any time from your account settings.

Pinterest Business Account-Focus Of Brand

In the next step, Pinterest will ask you that in future which type of recommendations you want. Like you want recommendations from Bloggers or from Online market retailers. It’s ok if you are not sure then can also select I’m not sure from the options. There is no minimum or maximum limit in choosing recommendation options.

Pinterest Business Account-Recommendations

Now Pinterest is asking about advertising your brand. Keep in mind while choosing an option that advertising your brand is the biggest tool in trafficking on your account.

Pinterest Business Account-Advertisement

Your Pinterest business account is almost ready now. Now you can create a pin about your business or you can update your profile by telling completely about your Business or Brand. Here you can also give your location.

Pinterest Business Account-Start Your Business Account

How To Convert Your Personal Pinterest Account Into Business Account

If you are already a Pinterest user but till now you are using Pinterest just for time killing by watching the Pins of other people. Then move a step forward and start your own business on Pinterest. You don’t need to create a special Business account to start a Business on Pinterest.

I will tell you how easily you can convert your personal account into a Business account. By following these simple steps you can convert start your business on Pinterest.

Sign in to your Pinterest account.

In the upper right corner with your profile Picture, there is a drop-down arrow, by clicking this you can see an option by the name “Convert to Business”, Click it.

Pinterest Business Account-Convert To Business Account

By clicking on Convert to Business a pop-up will open with a comparison of Personal and Business Accounts. Here you can easily judge which type of account can give more growth to your Business. So, now if you want to upgrade your account to a Business account then select the upgrade option.

Pinterest Business Account-Comparison of Personal & Business Account

Now you are just some steps away from your own business account. By clicking upgrade now Pinterest will ask you some ordinary questions about your business. Like your business or brand name, your website, your goals, etc.

The detail of these questions is the same as in the above paragraph “How to Create  A New Business Account”.

How To Create A Linked Business Account

If you already have a Pinterest’s personal account and you want to use this account as a business account. Then you create a link business account. By creating a linked account you can switch your account from personal to business or business to personal account whenever you want.

To create a linked Pinterest Business account login to your personal account on the Pinterest website or mobile app.

In the upper right corner, you can see a drop-down arrow with your profile picture. Here you can see an option to “Add Account”, click it.

Pinterest Business Account-Linked Business Account

By clicking on Add Account you can see some options, and select Create a free business account from them.

Pinterest Business Account-Select Create a new business account

Here you have to give your personal Pinterest email address, password, and your age.

Pinterest Business Account-Give Your Personal Account Info

Your linked business account is almost ready, just give answers about your business. The detail of these questions is the same as in the above article “How To Create A New Business Account”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, a Pinterest business account is absolutely free, And it always will be. Moreover, a Pinterest business account gives you a unique content format, custom analytics, and much more.

Absolutely free, you can use up to four personal and business accounts at a time. And there is no combination between them you can create them as you need.

No matter which type of account you are using personal or business. You can create Pins and different Boards on both of them. But the significant difference between them is you cannot see custom analytics in the personal account. So if you have a brand or business it is better for you to choose a business account.

Ask yourself whether you are using Pinterest just for fun or if you want to grow your brand. Yes of course if you want to grow up your brand with Pinterest then you should have to convert your Pinterest account into Pinterest Business account.


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