How To Create And Manage Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards, Pins, Repin, etc. are some terminologies that may be a little bit odd for you if you are not a Pinterest user. But believe me, these terminologies are just amazing. You just have to come on Pinterest and you will fall in love with Pinterest. Monthly millions of people post and save Pins from their favorite Pinterest boards.

In simple words, every post on Pinterest is called Pin and all these Pins are saved in a categorized folder which is called Pinterest Boards. These are the things that make Pinterest different from other social media sites.

In this article, we will discuss thoroughly what Pinterest boards are actually. How to create them and how to manage these boards.

What Is A Pinterest Board?

Unlike, other social media sites where all posts are organized in chronological order. Pinterest organized its posts in a categorized folder called boards. For example, posts related to food may save on a food board, and posts about home décor ideas may save on a home décor board. And to promote your business or brand you can make a board with your brand name.

You can create boards according to your taste. Rather than following a whole profile, you can just follow a single board from that profile. Also, you can create a secret board and share it with only those whom you want to share. And a more amazing thing is you can organize your boards according to your ease.

 How to Create A Pinterest Board?

In fact, this is not rocket science to create a board. Pinterest gives multiple options to create a board. I will tell you all the options step by step in a simple and brief way.

Create A Pinterest Board From Your Profile

    First of all, log in to your Pinterest account
    Click on your profile picture
Pinterest Boards-Profile click
    Now click on the “+” icon (if you are using a desktop then you can see this icon at the bottom right corner of the page. And if you are using a mobile app then this icon is at the center of the page on the right side of the page). In the “+” icon select “Board”
Pinterest Boards-Select Board
    A pop-up will open, where you will ask about your board name. (Remember that the board name should be related to the Pins that you will save on this board)
    Just beneath the board name, you can see the “Secret” option by clicking it you can make your board secret. If you don’t want to secret it then leave it and click “Create”
Pinterest Boards-Board Name
    Now Pinterest will suggest you some Pins related to your board name, add some Pins to your board.
    Your board is created, now whenever you will save a Pin, Pinterest will suggest boards you have created already. You can save Pins in your related boards.

Create A Pinterest Board While Saving A Pin

This is another simple way to create a board when you are saving a Pin from your home feed. Just follow these simple steps

Create A Board When You Are Using Pinterest On A Desktop

    Log in to your personal Pinterest account.
    Choose a Pin that you want to save.
    In the upper right corner, you can see a “Profile” icon with a drop-down menu. You can see your already created boards, Some board suggestions, and at the end of the menu, you can see the “Create Board” option. Click it!
Pinterest Boards-Select create Board
    Now give a suitable name to your board and click “Create”.
    Your desired Pin is saved in the new board.

Create A Board When You Are Using Pinterest On Mobile

    Open the Pinterest mobile app.
    Select a Pin from your home feed that you want to save and click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.
Pinterest Boards-Select Save
    Now you will see some suggested board names by Pinterest and at the end, you will see the “Create Board” option. Click it!
Pinterest Boards-Create On Mobile
    Give a name to the new board and click “Create” and your Pin will save in this new board.

Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest allows its users to share only a board instead of a whole account. You can create and share your boards with your friends. You can share links to your board or directly invite someone to follow your board.

    To make a group board go to your profile, here you can see your all boards. Select the particular board on which you want to make a group.
    By clicking on your desired board, your board will open. Here you can see three dots with your board’s name. Click it!
    Select “Edit board” from the drop-down menu.
Pinterest Boards-Edit Board
    A pop-up will open. Here you will see the “+” icon in front of your profile picture.
Pinterest Boards-Select + Icon
    Now you can search your friends by their user name or email address or can copy links and send them to your friends in messages. In the “Collaborators can” option you can control what your collaborators can do in this group.
Pinterest Boards-Invite Friends

Arrangement Of Pinterest Boards

In other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, all posts are saved in chronological order. But another magnificent function of Pinterest makes it different from these sites. In Pinterest, you can save and organize your Pins according to your own choice.

To organize Pinterest boards go to your profile. Here you can see the “Settings” button at the left corner of the screen and at the center of the page on the right side of the screen if you are using Mobile.

Pinterest Boards-Organize

Here you can see three different options to organize your boards. in the first option “A to Z” your boards will arrange in increasing order by name. in the second option “Last saved to” your boards will arrange in a manner that you saved your last pins. And in the third option “Custom” you can arrange them according to your ease.

To arrange boards custom click on board and drag to your desired position.

How To Download Pin Images?

You can download Pin images into your mobile or computer. To download an image from the pin open that pin. you can see three dots on the screen. By clicking on that three dots a menu will open. Select “Download image” and your desired image will save on your device.

Pinterest Boards-Download Image

The above method is only workable if you are downloading an image Pin. But if you want to download a video from Pin then this method will not work.  Because till now Pinterest doesn’t allow its users to download videos from Pins. To download videos you have to use Pinterest Video Downloader.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not at all, Pinterest will never want to get rid of boards because Pinterest’s algorithm is based on these boards. yes, sometimes Pinterest removes some boards and Pins because they are against Pinterest community guidelines.

Every Post on Pinterest Is called a “Pin” and all these Pins will be saved in their categorized folder called “Board”.

You can organize your boards alphabetically or the last used board is in top order. Or you can manage your boards by custom. To organize boards go to your profile and click on the settings button here you can see all options to manage boards.

To see your boards click on your profile picture. In the “saved” option, you can see all your saved boards.


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