Hashtags On Pinterest: The Ultimate Guide

A lot of people want to know whether hashtags are effective on Pinterest or not. Is it ok to use hashtags in Pins? Is Pinterest allow their users to use hashtags? These are some common questions about using hashtags on Pinterest. In this article, I’ll try to tell how much hashtags are effective on Pinterest.

There was a time when it was a myth that Twitter is the only plate form where hashtags can use. But now Instagram and Facebook are some of the common social sites that use hashtags frequently. As Pinterest is also a competitor of these social sites so the use of hashtags on Pinterest has become controversial.

What Are Hashtags And How Effective They Are

Hashtags are a single word or group of words starting with a # sign and there is no space between these words. Hashtags may or maybe not be the keywords or niches. Basically, hashtags are the categorized group that may help to get traffic to your post.

In digital marketing, no matter which platform you are using but the right hashtags are necessary to use. Hashtags give wings to your post. You can use trending hashtags as well as your own hashtag which may be your brand name.

Pinterest And Hashtags

 If we go back some years it was a myth in digital marketing that you cannot use hashtags in your Pins. With the passage of time and the increase in using hashtags on Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest has to announce its official statement about hashtags on Pinterest.

In September 2017, Pinterest allow their users to use hashtags and also encourage them to use them. But till now it is controversial because Pinterest sometimes shows hashtags and sometimes does not. Sometimes these hashtags on Pinterest are clickable but in the latest update again hashtags are not clickable.

Besides clickable or non-clickable hashtags it seems that hashtags are effective in getting traffic on Pins. Pins have hashtags and are getting more clicks than other Pins.

Reason Why You Have To Use Hashtags On Pinterest?

You have to use hashtags in your Pins because now hashtags are the way of life. And there are a lot more reasons which force you to use them. Like if you have your own brand and you want to promote it. Then you have to use your brand name in hashtags for uniqueness and to get famous.

As Pinterest, itself is not sure about the hashtags but still hashtags help people to get to the right place. As some times keywords show some irrelevant things in this case hashtags lead you to a specific search.

The Right Way Of Use Of Hashtags In A Pin

The right place for hashtags is in the description section. To look decent and pretty you have to use hashtags at the last of the description of your Pin. No matter you can use hashtags at the start of the description but it is not preferable.

Hashtags On Pinterest-Right Way To Use

Some people use hashtags in the middle of the description paragraph but it is totally useless and moreover, it ruined the beauty of the paragraph. Never use hashtags in the title section.

Use A Variety Of Hashtags

Don’t use the same hashtags in your Pins. If you have some Pins about food and you want to add hashtags in the description. Then must not use the same hashtags in all pins. It may limit your audience to reach your Pins.

Like you are using a hashtag and someone reaches your Pin but if another person thinks differently then he must not reach your Pin. So to catch the maximum audience you must have a variety of hashtags according to different mindsets.

How Many Hashtags Are Recommended To Use On Pinterest Pin?

You can use up to 20 Hashtags in a Pin. But it is not necessary that you must have to use 20 hashtags each time. It is just a recommended number.

But keep in mind that you can write just 500 words in the description section. So you have to use hashtags under this limit.

Moreover, too many or irrelevant hashtags lead your Pin towards spam, and surely you don’t want it.

Hashtag Search Results On Pinterest

As the Pinterest algorithm is based on keywords. So, if you search with a hashtag keyword then Pinterest will show you limited results or without hashtags.

Hashtags On Pinterest-Search Results

Should You Update the Old Pin’s Description With Hashtag?

No, it is definitely not recommended to update your old Pin’s description with hashtags. It will just waste of your time because in the latest update Pinterest is not recommending hashtags. Moreover, Pins on Pinterest are shown according to the date of creation.


The algorithm of Pinterest is based on categorized boards and pins are shown in chronological order. Moreover, Pinterest is a visual search platform and believes in keywords. So it is recommended that keep focus on keywords and the image quality of your Pin.

However, continue the use of hashtags at the end of the description. It may be helpful to the audience to lead them on a specific Pin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can use hashtags in the description section. It is recommended that use hashtags in the last of the descriptive paragraphs. And not use too many and irrelevant hashtags which may take your Pin in Spam.

You can use your keywords as hashtags also. Write your keyword followed by the # sign and make sure don’t use space between words. You can add up to 20 hashtags In the description section.

Although hashtags are not clickable in the latest update of Pinterest. But it is better to use specific and most related to your Pin hashtags use at the end of the description of your Pin. It may help to get traffic to your Pin and may help the audience to get specific search results.

You can use a maximum of 20 hashtags in a Pin. But it is not recommended to use the maximum number of hashtags. Just use the most related and most used hashtags.


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