Create Social Media Icon-Like Hologram Stickers For Branding

Making a place in the highly competitive business market is not a child’s play. Brands have to struggle and invest a hefty amount in their product and service promotion to build their brand’s market image and boost their sales. Stickers and labels are traditional yet affection solutions for that purpose that can play a key role in branding. Smart companies, whether new or well-established need also need to protect their brand image from counterfeiting with their product marketing. They kill two birds with one stone and create custom hologram stickers that are tamper-evident as well as help in effective brand marketing.

If you are a brand owner then you easily can create custom stickers as per your design ideas according to your brand’s overall theme. You can use any die-cut design, color scheme, size, shape, fonts, images, and background to attract your target customers to your brand.

What Are Holographic Stickers?

First of all, before knowing the use of these stickers it’s essential to know what the holo sticker/label is. Custom-made hologram stickers are adhesive labels that give the 3D visual effect of an image. These stickers are generally three-dimensional visuals, created by high-technology optical laser-recording approaches. The details printing is done on iridescent vinyl (plastic). Consequently, it helps them glow and gives an enticing rainbow-like effective shine.

The Use Of Hologram Stickers

The custom 3D/2D hologram sticker is a fanciful label that’s used for security purposes. We can see these holo stickers on branded laptops, computers, expensive electronic devices, and other similar products. In addition, these stickers are easy to create in different varieties of sizes, die-cuts, shapes, and printing.

Due to being tamper-evident, they leave a sign when they are removed from the surface. In other words, they are tamper-proof and play an important part in preventing the product from counterfeiting. Holographic labels/stickers have a glossy finish, that’s usually a lamination layer on the stickers.

These are tear-proof and waterproof which keep them safe from moisture and tearing. Vinyle holo stickers exist from 3 to 5 years which makes them the best stickers in the market. That’s the reason behind their high demand in the business market for protecting their products from counterfeiting.

Creating Lush Hologram Stickers

You can easily create custom holographic security stickers for your sensitive and expensive products. In their creation plastic and paper both materials are used. Decals are transparent stickers that are made of vinyl stock while other stickers are made of paper materials. The sticker paper is a paper-based stock that generally comes in glossy and matte finish. Printable vinyl is a polymer-based stock that gives an elegant and smooth feel.

Perfect Fonts, Images, Die-Cuts, And Designs

You can create custom printed stickers using any printed text, suitable font, die-cuts, images, and background design theme that suits you. Easily readable font size and style with images that look great and appealing to people. These images can be social media icons with the brand’s profile address that help market their products online.

Moreover, the catchy hologram sticker design plays a key role in making your products glow and shine among other products. It leads to attracting your target customers to your products, helps boost your brand image, and urges them to buy your company products.

Different Sizes For Creating Die-Cut Stickers

These stickers are made using different sizes with striking and unique shapes such as rectangular, oval, square, hexagon, and many others. Below are some of the popular size options for custom stickers:

  • 2″ x 2″
  • 3″ x 3″
  • 3″ x 4″
  • 4″ x 4″
  • 4″ x 6″
  • Or any custom-size

Customized Holo Stickers And Decals

Holo car stickers are similar to decals but the difference is the visibility of the object from the sticker sheet. Decals have transparent plastic sheets allowing onlookers to see the surface. On the other hand, typical holo sticker on cars is not transparent like decals.

What To Do With Holo Stickers

Custom hologram stickers are used for security purposes by companies to protect their products from counterfeiting. These stickers and labels also work as a marketing tool for enterprises. Product brands use these personalized stickers for their branding using different methods that are mentioned below:

1- Selling Social Media Icon Stickers

The demand for wholesale sticker printing is increasing day by day by companies due to the huge marketing benefits of customized vinyl stickers. If you are a sticker-selling brand, then you can create and sell social media icon stickers to customers and earn more profit for your business. These digital media platform sticker icons represent Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and many other social platforms.

2- Giving Away Customized Stickers

Brands give away brochures, keychains, stickers, and many other similar products with logo printing for their product or service marketing in the highly competitive market. Holographic stickers with the company logo, social media platform logo with online link address, and brand story play an essential role in boosting the brand’s market image. When customers see your well-designed stickers with professional printing, they consider you one of the most reliable and professional brands in the competitive business market.

The Bottom Line Of The Blog

Above are the key details about custom hologram stickers, their uses, design creation, impact on brand publicity, and sales improvement. You can easily promote your company products and services by using creatively made vinyl stickers that remain within your company’s marketing budget.